SING Participant Details for Program

Thank you for spending some time to fill out this detailed form. It will take at least 10-20 minutes, but all of this information is important for us to prepare for your time at the SING USA 2021 workshop! Here is what to expect:

  • Page 1: Program Details. Be prepared to provide information to help us with planning details. Be prepared to provide:
    • a short bio (75 words maximum)
    • profile photo (at least 200×200 pixels, maximum file size 5 MB)
    • mailing address and emergency contact information
    • t-shirt size
  • Page 2: Social Media Guidelines. We also ask everyone to abide by social media guidelines for respectful use.
  • Page 3: Code of Conduct. We ask all the adhere to an anti-harassment and anti-bigotry policy to ensure a respectful environment for all during the workshop.
  • Page 4: Media Release and Authorization. We ask everyone to consent or not to consent to use their name and image in case of media coverage of the workshop. If you agree, this will also enable us to advertise and promote the workshop in the future.
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SING Participant Details for Program

We will prepare a program that includes all participants' details for distribution to workshop attendees. Help us by providing details EXACTLY as you wish them to appear. We will copy and paste directly from this form.
As you would like it to appear on SING materials.
As you would like it to appear on SING materials. Leave blank if preferred or not applicable.
This information will help everyone use the most respectful language when addressing you.
Maximum of 75 words. This will be copied and pasted directly from this form.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Upload one image (.jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png). Maximum file size: 5 MB. This is just for a thumbail image. Ideally at least 200x200 pixels.

Contact Details

Please ensure this is a working mailing address. We will be mailing a medium sized box to all attendees before the workshop.

Tax Information

Necessary because the University of Illinois uses different forms for reimbursing U.S. and International vendors.

T-Shirt Order

Note: These sizes are according to the company that we use to print workshop t-shirts. We highly recommend you consult the company's sizing guides (link above) or order one size larger than you usually wear.

Technology and Accessibility

Feel free to leave blank if not applicable.

Other Information

Every workshop day begins and ends with a cultural affirmation. We invite participants to volunteer for this role, if interested. This could include saying a blessing, reading a poem, sharing a song, etc.
We will be mailing each participant a medium sized box containing some thank you items. Some of these items will be small, wrapped snack food items. Please indicate if you have an allergy so that we can avoid packing these materials into your individual box. Feel free to leave blank if not applicable.
We want to be mindful that this virtual workshop will be an adjustment for everyone. Please let us know if you have any concerns, comments, or questions about participating.